Thanks for checking out FYI by FTE! I've been writing this newsletter since 2021 and have been creating content for Money Guy since 2019. On the Money Guy side, I help create content for our courses, write show notes, and create visuals for shows and social media. I love being able to interact with our audience, whether that's in the YouTube chat, helping someone out over email, or through FYI by FTE. This newsletter allows me to write about things we wouldn't necessarily do a full show over - but are still important to cover nonetheless and deserving of a deeper dive.

If you are new, I hope you'll check out some of my favorite posts. I wrote about NFTs in May of 2021, near the height of what we can now call a speculative bubble. In June, I wrote about how and why college has become so expensive in America. Next month, I covered how much you should be saving for retirement and the variables that go into determining how much to save. In September, I wrote about how to choose between contributing to Roth or pre-tax retirement accounts, and the nuances that go into that decision. Perhaps my favorite newsletter is a deep dive into FAFSA that went out in October of last year. Not many parents or students understand how it works, so I broke down the formula to help you determine what you may or may not be eligible for when it comes to student aid.

In 2022, I often wrote about inflation and the bear market in stocks. I want to write about what you want to read about, so feel free to send me your ideas or thoughts by replying to any email or leaving a comment.

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Daniel joined Abound Wealth and Money Guy in the summer of 2019 after graduating from the University of Georgia with degrees in Financial Planning and Consumer Journalism, and obtained the CFP® certification in 2021.